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When it comes to aged care services, Seasons Aged Care offers a different approach to traditional residential aged care facilities and nursing homes.

Our approach puts you at the centre of your own care, with high level personalised care delivered when you need it.


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How your care is funded+-
A unique approach to dementia care+-
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Personalised aged care services

When it comes to aged care services, Seasons Aged Care offers a different approach to traditional residential aged care facilities and nursing homes.

Our approach puts you at the centre of your own care, with high-level personalised care delivered when you need it.

Nursing-home-level care in your own home

Care within Seasons communities is delivered by our care partner Envigor. Under the guidance of the Care Services Manager in each Seasons community, the Envigor team provides you with the very best in care from the day you arrive to the day you leave.

We believe care services should be as individual as you. At the heart of this care is your personalised care plan, developed for you and with you by our Care Services Manager. Our aim is to develop a care plan that respects your privacy and independence while providing the care you need, when you need it.

This means once you move into a Seasons community, you won’t need to move if you don’t want to, even if your care needs change. You can progress from low care, to high care, to end of life care, without moving out of your own home.

24-hour care

Every Seasons community operates a 24-hour emergency response system, which includes rapid response emergency buttons in all bedrooms and bathrooms. These link directly to on-site Envigor care staff 24 hours a day.

We can also enhance the emergency call system on an individual basis by activating the in-built capability in your apartment, allowing the addition of remote monitoring and security alarm features that can be particularly useful for people living with dementia or other cognitive impairment.

How your care is funded

Our care partner Envigor is an approved provider for the Department of Health (My Aged Care) and Ageing and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). You may be eligible for government subsidised care through these programs. Our team at Envigor will work with you and your family to identify how your care needs may be funded and will walk you through the process of accessing these funds.

Find out more about the Seasons unique model here.

A unique approach to dementia care

Seasons takes a revolutionary approach to working with people with dementia and other cognitive impairments. There are no ‘locked wards’ here. People living with dementia are encouraged and supported to participate in community life including meals, recreational activities and social interactions, to the best of their abilities.

We combine this individualised, humane, dignified approach with the use of non-intrusive wearable technologies to monitor and ensure the safety of our residents living with dementia.

Palliative care

Through collaboration with GPs, palliative care specialists, allied health professionals and our on-site Envigor team, palliative and end of life care is delivered with compassion, dignity and respect with a focus on quality of life for all involved.

The Envigor team, including our dedicated team of experienced Registered Nurses, will work with your loved ones to create a care plan that provides a homely and private alternative to the acute hospital environment.

Private short-term care and accommodation

Private short-term care programs are offered at selected Seasons community locations in beautifully presented accommodation, with comfortable lounge and dining room facilities.

Our short-term aged care and accommodation service includes 24-hour on-site emergency response and care services as required. In addition, we also offer coordination of hairdressing, doctor and allied health care consultations (either on or off site).

Our care partner Envigor prides itself on developing personalised care plans specific to your needs, however simple or complex that may be. Included in every short-term care package are dining options, lifestyle activities (as appropriate) and laundry services.

Aged care services

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