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As a daughter, a son, or a loved family member of an elder, it can be difficult to visualise the role you play during their transition into an aged care community.  At Seasons, we provide the flexibility for you to be involved as much as you wish, removing the stress involved in taking on full care responsibility yourself.

We are here to support you and your family during this significant life transition. This article aims to guide you to discover the best way you can continue to be involved in the care of your loved one.

I’m struggling to balance caring for family and elders – what can I do?

Seasons understands that you wish to provide your loved ones with the utmost care and support as circumstances begin to alter. If you are exploring the option of transitioning your parent or older family members into a Seasons community, it is likely that you have recognised the difficulties in being able to personally provide the care they deserve.

Caring for a loved one whilst balancing your own busy life can place a significant strain on you and your family. Naturally, you want to provide the best care possible but sometimes this can become overwhelming and challenging. At Seasons our professionally trained and caring team are devoted to looking after your loved elder with a level of support that is specific to their needs whether it is independent living or high-level care.

When your parent or loved one moves to a Seasons Community they become part of the Seasons family and so do you! We encourage families to be actively involved and provide guidance on how you can continue to be a positive, strong and supportive advocate in your loved elder’s life.

So what can you do?

By seeking Seasons to offer the care and support your family member requires, you can become a better carer. Sharing the load will enable you to balance your own family life while still providing all the love, happiness, support and special unique care that only you can give your loved one.

We encourage you to play an active role in the next chapter of their life from helping them to move into their new home, catching up over a cup of tea to bringing the grandchildren in to visit.

At Seasons, we believe life starts at 80 and our devoted team strive to remove the stress of caring for, and supporting your loved ones so that you can provide them with the love and care they need for health and wellbeing.

Seasons Aged Care offers a wide variety of elderly care solutions across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. For enquiries, call 1300 732 766 or submit an online enquiry.

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