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Aged Care Employee Day on August 7 is a chance for us to say thank you to our employees for all their hard work and dedication.

With the negativity around aged care across the media, it’s easy to forget the hardworking people who work tirelessly to provide quality aged services in a variety of different ways. Those who put their heart and soul into caring, who give of themselves in thousands of small and invisible ways to ensure that our elders are supported, loved and cared for.

I am proud of each and every one of our employees for the role they play in caring for older people in need – from the care-workers and nurses through to the community managers, lifestyle coordinators, administration teams, cooks and hospitality teams and cleaners.

There’s also the head office staff working tirelessly behind the scenes in areas such as finance, technology, marketing, legal and operations to ensure everything runs smoothly across each of our eight Seasons Communities and Envigor Community Businesses.

I see our values of family, team, caring and integrity on display every day and I am proud to lead a team who place these values at the forefront of everything they do, especially in their contact with our residents and their families.

The value of family is one I see shining through in the meaningful relationships our employees build with residents and clients as they become a part of their family. Team is demonstrated in the way our employees all work together to support each other in delivering the best for our residents. Caring is on display in the compassion and empathy that our employees show toward residents, families and each other and integrity is seen in always acting with honesty and treating others with respect.

This year, to recognise all our employees we will be distributing Aged Care Employee Day Thank You cards and holding special morning teas to celebrate our employees for all that they do.

In addition to Aged Care Employee Day, the Annual Awards Night, held at the end of August each year is a chance to express our gratitude to those employees who display our values in exceptional ways continually throughout the year.

While these events are a great opportunity to show our thanks, I believe that we should be honouring all our aged care workers – all 365,000 of them across the country who support around 1.3 million older Australians who receive care and services each year – every day.

Let’s use this day to reflect and think about how we can ensure all our aged care workers feel valued for the work they do.

Nick Loudon
Nick Loudon is Group Chief Executive Officer of Seasons Aged Care and a Board Director of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA). Nick has more than 35 years clinical and executive management experience in the hospital and aged care sector and believes passionately that advanced age is not a ‘disease’. His vision is that aged care with a focus on quality of life and respect for the choices of our elders can be delivered in any location.