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In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked Seasons residents to tell us a little bit about their mums…


Ailsa says her mum was always there when she needed her and that meant a lot to her. This links in with what she says is the best advice her mum gave her: “Always be there for people”.

Barbara describes her mum as caring and loving. She appreciates that her mum taught her to care for herself, to always have her place nice and tidy, and to cook for herself.

Joyce says her mum was always incredibly hard-working and that the best advice she gave her was “To be honest, good to everyone and to be there for your children, and they will be there for you too.” (Joyce pictured below with images from her childhood and family.)

Dorothy says her mum was a Salvation Army Minister. ”So I was blessed to have a Christian upbringing. I loved having cooking days, sewing days. Mum had a lot of love but was a very strong and determined lady – you wouldn’t get away with anything.”

The best piece of advice mum gave: “Think before you say anything. If it’s not worth it, don’t say it.”

According to Fay, the best advice that her mother gave her was “Do unto others as you would like done to yourself”.

Esma describes her mother as the best mother in the world. She said that she would always teach her and her siblings by leading by example and taught them “to think of others as well as ourselves.” (Pictured below, Esma is holding a photo of her mother on her wedding day.)

Peter remembers that his mother was an amazing cook, always making sure he and his sister were well looked after. This ties into some of the best advice she gave him, to “always eat all your food.”

Pam describes her mum as a lovely, caring lady, always incredibly friendly and helpful. She had 4 daughters and would always love sewing dresses, tops and trousers for them. (Pam and her mum pictured below.)

Shirley says as the eighth child of nine, she felt very spoilt that her mother never made her go and milk the cows even though everyone else had to. She remembers the funny advice that her mother always said to her, to “never go without clean underwear, because you don’t know when you might have an accident!”

According to Barbara, the best advice that her mother gave her was “Be honest, be respectful and always do the best you can.” She described her mum as the rock in their family. (Barbara pictured below with a photo of her mother. The photo was taken in 1925.)

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