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Moving into an aged care community is a big decision, and in many cases, it is a decision that needs the involvement of the whole family.

Cheryl Livingstone was faced with that decision three years ago when her 92-year-old mother Joyce Graham was living alone in the family home in Rockhampton.

Cheryl had moved to Bribie Island the previous year and was worried about how her mum was coping.

“I’ve been living on Bribie for nearly four years, and my dad passed away just around the time we moved here. So, mum was left alone in the family home and was becoming increasingly frail – her balance was quite bad,” says Cheryl.

“I wanted her to come down here and I’d looked around t0 see what was available and Seasons Bribie Island fitted the bill for what I thought would be suitable for mum.”

And while she met with resistance from Joyce initially, Cheryl says her mum soon settled in and adapted to her new home.

“It did take her a while to settle in as she’d lived in her home up in Rockhampton for 70 years and she didn’t really want to leave but we brought her down here and she had a look around and she seemed to like the place.”

At that stage, Cheryl says that Joyce didn’t need too much care but this has increased in the past three years.

“At that time, she didn’t need much care at all, she was fairly independent. But since then she’s deteriorated quite a bit as she’s 96 now and she’s able to access care in her own apartment and it’s worked out really well.”

This ability to access quality care within her own apartment is what initially attracted Cheryl to Seasons when she was comparing her options.

“I liked the idea that she could be independent and have her own apartment because she’d come from her own home. But I knew as she got older that she would need care so I was looking for somewhere that she could have ongoing care as she got older.

“Mum’s on a level 4 package so she receives a lot of care. She can’t walk much at all, she’s in a wheelchair now. A lot of the time she’s brought downstairs into the activity and dining area so that she can interact with the other residents. Lunch is in the dining room and she has her breakfast and dinner brought to her. Envigor provides her care and they’ve been very good.”

Apart from the care, Cheryl also liked the atmosphere at Seasons Bribie Island.

“I just liked the idea of Seasons, that it was a smallish place and everybody knows each other so I was looking for that.”

“It’s worked out well. I’m happy with it and I think Mum’s happy too!”

Belinda Peters
Belinda brings more than 17 years experience in journalism to her role as Seasons Digital Content Writer. As our blog editor, Belinda will take the confusion out of aged care with entertaining and informative stories from across the aged care industry and our Seasons communities.