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Seasons is proud to offer pet friendly communities – but how do we support residents to keep their pets while maintaining a safe community for all?

For many older residents, being able to bring their pet with them when they move into a seniors living commununity makes a real difference. It can also make the transition easier knowing that their beloved companion is by their side. Pet ownership also has a whole host of health benefits for older people.

Before move in

When a resident makes an application to move into Seasons, their pet is part of the application process and the community manager in their chosen location will ensure the pet will be a good fit for the community.

It also means from a care perspective the care manager can include the pet in the care assessment process. So, if the resident needs support to care for their pet this can be included in their personalised care plan.

Community management and facilities

Once the resident has moved in, the community keeps on file details on the pet. We also keep note of the a next of kin so if the resident falls ill and needs to go hospital then a friend or family member can be called to take care of the pet.

Seasons communities are all designed with adequate green space and walking paths for residents to walk their dogs. Some communities even have off-leash fenced areas that allow dogs to have a run around while their owners relax on the outdoor seating.

If residents are finding it harder to walk their dogs themselves many communities have volunteer dog walkers. In some communities, volunteers also come in to bathe the dogs. This service can also be added to the resident’s care plan.

Pets benefit all residents

For those residents who don’t have their own pets, pets are sometimes brought into the community for pet therapy sessions.

Pets in seniors living communities on ABC

Seasons Waterford West appeared on ABC 7.30 Report talking about how pets are incorporated in their community:

Watch the complete story here.

To find out more about bringing your pet to our seniors living communities, get in touch with us today.

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