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Seasons Bribie Island resident Danka Shihur shares her recipe for Potato Flapjacks, a traditional Polish favourite – often enjoyed on a Friday night.

Danka recalls a time during World War II where rations were in force and pantry staples were in short supply. She moved to England with her husband during the war and said she didn’t know how to cook very well, but she soon made do with what they had. Eggs were in particularly short supply.

This recipe is one that Danka had learnt by heart and remembers learning from her own mother. At the age of 91, her memories of frying up these crispy potato cakes are as strong as ever, passing on this recipe to us from her memory over morning tea recently. Danka is pictured below (far left, in the white shirt) with her fellow residents passing her recipe onto Seasons Bribie Island Lifestyle Coordinator Jennifer Schoer.


6 medium potatoes
1 onion
2 tablespoons flour
1 large egg
Salt and Pepper
Butter for frying


1. Finely grate potatoes and rinse with cold water until water runs clear and drain and press out as much moisture as possible. Add to a large bowl.
2. Grate onion and add to the bowl.
3. Add in egg, flour, salt and pepper. Mix well.
4. Heat butter in a pan until hot. Add a heaped tablespoon of the mixture and press down with a spatula and brown until crisp on both sides.
5. Enjoy seasoned with salt and pepper.

Danka Seasons Bribie Island shares her recipe


Belinda Peters
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