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While many elderly people are reluctant to leave their own home to move into care, when Ellen Fox started to find things harder at home she decided it was time to make a change.

Despite being in good health, Ellen felt that she would be happier living somewhere where she had access to more support if and when she needed it.

“I made my own decision to come here. I couldn’t handle the upkeep at home anymore,” says Ellen.

“I told my son and his wife and asked them to start having a look around for me, and that’s how I found Seasons Kallangur.”

Ellen is now 87 and has been living at Seasons Kallangur for 3 ½ years and while her decision initially surprised her family, they can now see how being a part of the Seasons community has allowed Ellen to maintain her independence and lifestyle.

“I’m still quite active and don’t need any care as yet. I have a lot of friends. I can get help when I need it and I can help others as well. I still have my independence and my little car.”

“My son tells everyone that Mum thinks she’s in heaven.”

For Ellen, who lived in the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland for much of her life, such decisive action is nothing new.

“I went back to school when I was 40,” says Ellen with a laugh.

“After my course, I was offered a job straight away, which led to a position at the Department of Education’s Far North Queensland regional office. I stayed there for 16 years.”

Ellen says that she loved her job and her colleagues, but life changed direction again when she received life-changing health news.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my 50s. After that I decided to leave my job,” says Ellen.

After undergoing surgery and treatment and surviving this ultimate challenge, Ellen has emerged with a spring in her step and takes each day as it comes.

She is an active member of the Kallangur community and is always involved in the various activities and lending a hand to other residents.

As a member of Seasons Kallangur’s garden club, Ellen is always looking for ways to add some more colour to the community. This has resulted in new garden beds being added around the community, including a vibrant display at the community’s entrance.


Belinda Peters
Belinda brings more than 17 years experience in journalism to her role as Seasons Digital Content Writer. As our blog editor, Belinda will take the confusion out of aged care with entertaining and informative stories from across the aged care industry and our Seasons communities.
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