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We provide Independent Living to those who are seeking a different approach to Aged Care. Giving you back the power to maintain personal independence.

Finding Love Again

It was always going to happen one day, you probably used to joke about it…”if I go first make sure you look after my vege garden”.

You spent the last 40, 50 or 60 years  with the love of your life, and he or she has passed on. The funeral has been and gone, your family rallied around to keep you company for a while but they have returned to their busy lives. Fast forward a year or two and you find yourself alone, without a significant other and you come to the realisation that you are lonely.
Many seniors who have experienced long and happy marriages assume they will never consider a new relationship when they first loose their loved one. However given time and healing, seniors may find themselves wanting to be involved in a new relationship, this is perfectly normal and healthy. If the partner we lost loved and cared for us, they would want us to live out the rest of our life happy.
Don’t be afraid…

Of finding new love, after all these are your golden years and you deserve to live them out alongside good company. Your friends and family may be surprised, but more often than not they will be supportive of your new found love. In some cases, an adult child may find it rather difficult at first to see their parent dating someone new. It is normal for them to feel a slight sense of betrayal, but in most cases with time those feelings will pass as your son or daughter gets to know your new partner. It is important to remind yourself this is your life, and you have a right to be happy.
There are many places to find new love. Think about the places you visit regularly such as your local RSL or Bowls Club. Additionally, there are plenty of internet dating sites dedicated to the over 50’s and 60’s and beyond, where many seniors have successfully found love. Check out these sites below. We wish you all the best with your search for love.

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  • When my sister and I were looking for an aged care facility for our 86 year old mother, we were keen to find a safe and comfortable place where we would be happy to live if we were choosing a place for ourselves. We wanted the best surroundings and care…

    Ms Wright & Ms Mill

  • Our Dad, Kevin, was 90 years of age when he became too ill to continue living alone, which he had done for the last 30 years. My sisters and I searched and researched and visited every type of Aged Home facility. Dad had a few specifics we needed to take into…

    Mrs Bird, Mrs Thomson & Mrs Good

  • It takes special people to care for someone that suffers with dementia and throughout the 20 months that mum was part of Seasons, her carers always showed her respect and treated her with dignity and for this we thank you. Mum was always treated as a human being not just…

    The Caruso Family

  • Moving from our home in Gympie to our unit at Seasons was an experience made easier by the special welcome we received from management and staff at Seasons. Since taking up residence, I have been very happy with the way my various daily needs have been taken care of by nurses…

    Mrs Runge

  • Regarding my father, Jack Machin. I wanted to write Seasons to let you know just how thankful we are to all of you for looking after my father, Jack, so well for over the last 8 months. While Dad would certainly not have wished his condition upon himself, he was…

    Mrs Thomas

Seasons helps people to maintain their personal independence in modern self contained retirement apartments while enjoying a great retirement facility and having the convenience of Aged Care if and when required. Our retirement villages offer everything you could possibly need.


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