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Have you reached a stage in life where you want to slow down the pace while continuing to be independent? If you are starting to look into what options are available, then you might want to consider aged care with a focus on independent living.

Assisted living in an aged care community is the ideal solution for people who want to continue living independently. You can have peace of mind knowing onsite care services are available should you need this service. Supported living also provides you with a built-in social life surrounded by people of your own age with similar interests.

Unlike nursing homes, residents can come and go as they please and live within their own self-contained private residences.

Independent living communities with aged care

By definition, independent living units, also sometimes referred to as villas, offer one, two or three bedroom accommodation, in a village environment, for older people who are actively independent and able to care for themselves.

There are now options, often called aged care communities or assisted living communities, that offer independent living units with access to 24-hour onsite care. This is a good option for those who are unable to stay living in their own home for whatever reason but who still want to retain their independence and live in a place that feels like home.

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The advantages of choosing an independent living aged care community over a residential aged care facility can include:

  • Your own self-contained apartment with a lock on the door
  • A varied lifestyle program and opportunities for social interaction
  • Pets are often welcome
  • Couples stay together
  • 24-hour care from low to high care delivered using a home care model
  • A securely gated community – but come and go as you please

The result is an aged care model that offers:

  • Significantly more care than a retirement village or a care package provided in a suburban home
  • More autonomy and privacy than a nursing home, plus lifestyle benefits
  • More secure and safe environment than your own home

How to access care while living independently

Within aged care communities, care is usually delivered using a home care model, with personalised care delivered within your own home.

This care can be delivered when and how you like it and can help support your independence within your home. As your care needs increase, so can the care, and you can also be supported to keep doing the activities you love within the community areas as well.

How to maintain your independence as you age

Just because you need aged care, it doesn’t mean you need to leave your independence at the door. If maintaining your independence is important to you, make sure you look for an aged care provider who will give you choice in how you want to live.

Getting older is, unfortunately, one thing that we have no control over. But you can be in control of how you choose to live as you age.

Make your wishes known through advance care planning and weigh up your aged care options and make an informed choice with the help of our choosing an aged care facility checklist.

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