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Innovation in aged care services has been given a boost, thanks to the Government’s $400,000 investment in innovAGEING – a national innovation network for Australia’s age services industry.

In welcoming the funding, Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) CEO Sean Rooney says that the Government’s support will help ensure the age services industry is forward-thinking, high-performing and consumer-centric.

“Our ageing population presents an innovation imperative for the age services industry. We need to accelerate innovation and collaboration in our industry to translate ideas into action, resulting in better outcomes for older Australians, bringing to market new products, services and delivery models that will meet the individual needs of older Australians and their families,” says Mr Rooney.

Mr Rooney says that a national, collaborative approach to embracing innovation in aged care is needed to help older Australians retain their independence, giving them choice and control over the care, support and services they need and deserve.

“I encourage all providers of care and support in the age services industry, suppliers of products and services to the industry, relevant university centres and researchers, age services consumer groups, interested public sector agencies and investors to participate in the innovAGEING network,” Mr Rooney said.

“InnovAGEING will support our industry to leverage fresh thinking and the latest technology to provide real and lasting benefits for older Australians and is well aligned to the Turnbull Government’s innovation agenda and aged care sector reform initiatives.”

The purpose of the innovAGEING network is to facilitate, promote and celebrate innovation in aged care in Australia by:

  • Establishing and facilitating a connected ‘community of practice’ for progressive thinkers, practitioners and innovators in the age services industry.
  • Creating, capturing and sharing examples of age services innovation in Australia, and promote innovation within our industry and across the wider community.
  • Celebrating, highlighting and elevating innovation in the age services industry through a major national awards program.
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Seasons Aged Care is a proud member of LASA and the InnovAGEIng Network and dedicated to helping change the face of aged care in Australia.

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