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Seeing your loved one start to lose their independence can be quite painful. When they forget names, appointments and even medication schedules, would they need to move into a nursing home or aged care facility?

Making the right decision can be difficult. Faced with these realities, it’s understandably tough to choose the right level of care for your loved one. However, with proper planning and research, picking an ideal care level is easier. But, before making any decisions, here are some points to consider:

  1. Understand your loved one’s needs. You can do this by having a conversation about their current struggles and personal preferences.
  2. Know your aged care options regarding available facilities and services.
  3. Seek legal and professional advice before signing any contracts.

Remember that they have different needs. Understanding these key points will help you decide the corresponding levels of care.

Some of the different levels of private aged care offered by Seasons Aged Care include:

Low care

This type of care is designed for people who require a lower level of support. Its aim is to help your loved ones regain their independence and dignity. The kinds of activities the staff may help with include:

  • Transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • General housework
  • Personal grooming and hygiene

It’s a holistic approach in aiding them to manage their daily activities on their own and improve their quality of life.

High care

For people who need more care and may have some medical conditions that affect their day to day lives, they may need this kind of care. Some of the types of services offered consist of:

  • Injections
  • Wound and skin care
  • Medication management and assistance
  • Monitoring of their general health and well-being
  • Collaborative visits from their physician or medical personnel

People with this care level are still encouraged to engage in various social activities to the best of their abilities.

Palliative care

This type of care focuses on helping people with chronic conditions. It’s about managing pain and the symptoms related to their ailments in order to help the person live their life to the fullest.

Dementia care

This progressive disease affects a person’s memory and the correct care is essential. Seasons Aged Care have the staff and technologies to help them cope with dementia. They can develop appropriate care plans to achieve the best possible lifestyle for your loved ones. A tailored care approach is at the core of this type of service.

Independent living

Similar to retirement living, people can live independently within a self-contained, modern and private residence. Each residence includes a kitchen, bathroom and private balcony. The community also has a 24-hour onsite emergency response system for your peace of mind. Residents maintain control in their lives and the staff is there when needed.

With the right care, nutrition and support, your loved one can easily thrive. Assisted living is just the beginning of another chapter in their lives. Call Seasons Aged Care on 1300 732 766 for more information or make an enquiry.


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