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As part of our Day in the Life series, we meet Seasons Mango Hill’s lifestyle coordinator Judy Waterworth.

Last month we met Seasons Kallangur’s lifestyle coordinator Kelly Rouse and found out what she loves most about her role. Here we chat to Judy and find out what she does on a typical day and what she enjoys most about working at Seasons.

What do you like best about being a lifestyle coordinator at Seasons?

I love all aspects of my role, I enjoy walking through the door in the mornings and being greeted with a bit of bantering by some of the residents lingering after breakfast, they seem to like the idea of Judy being teased and bantered with first up in the morning!

What do you do on a typical day?

There is no such thing as a typical day here at Mango Hill as each day is always slightly different. There are some popular activities that the residents can’t go without like the bus to the shops, bingo, gentle exercises, bus trips, morning tea and lunch, which gives the days and weeks some structure.

Generally, my day will start at 8.30 although if I need bingo chocolates or supplies for Wrinkles Café or craft activities I may need to get going a bit earlier, stopping in at Bunnings, Coles, IGA as needed.

Some days I get to turn on the computer and read my emails and other days I will get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t even turned on the computer. I will write up the whiteboards each day so everyone knows what’s on for the day. Morning tea and lunch is also a time to run around and drum up business for the activities along with the monthly newsletter and calendar that I produce each month.

I have now also inherited the Wrinkles Café as part of the lifestyle program – it had been managed by a couple of residents for the past 8 years. So after writing up whiteboards, checking the library, tidying up areas I also need to check the stocks in the fridge and cupboards in the café, empty the dishwasher and balance the till.

If I am really organised I will arrange morning activities or even start writing the newsletter and calendar for the next month along with flyers about upcoming entertainers, shops, activities that need to be written and printed to put in lifts, notice boards and on tables.

Depending on the day, if there is a pop-up shop I need to organise and bring down the trestle tables and move furniture around to accommodate them, the entertainers may arrive and I will show them where to set up.

I am responsible for the volunteers also and will have a chat with them and let them know what their role or job is for the day.

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What is the most memorable lifestyle event you coordinated?

I have been working for Seasons for about four and a half years and have tried to introduce lots of different activities to meet all the different needs of our residents in a holistic way – physically, mentally, spiritually and activities for gross and fine motor skills. This can be in the form of quiz/trivia/discussion groups, different types of crafts, board games, physical games, gardening group, creative writing group, knitting group and gentle exercise.

All activities have been quite memorable especially when the residents and their families say thank you and express what a great time they have had. One of the most fun ones I coordinated was a wine, cheese and trivia afternoon with lots of laughter, trivia that challenged people’s memories and lots of fun games and little prizes that people had fun getting. Lots of fun had by about 30 residents on an afternoon.

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