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Amongst a busy week of meetings with hospital staff and care visits with residents, Industry Liaison Officer Rebecca Bingham shares the highlight of her week, meeting a wonderful and beautiful lady at our Caloundra Community.  

Working in aged care can pull at your heartstrings. After just coming from the hospital and hearing the sad news that a resident was now receiving palliative care and would not be with us much longer, I pulled up at Seasons Caloundra and was greeted by a beautiful lady, still very much full of life and purpose.

With a cup of tea in hand, her slouch hat on, enjoying the afternoon sun on the seat between two garden beds, this beautiful lady greeted me by asking “Do you like the flowers in my garden?”

Often, we are always in a hurry but I stopped and spent some time with this lovely lady. She introduced herself as Faye Clark. We chatted for a while and she was so proud of her gardens and the pleasure they bring to people.

I thanked her for the wonderful work she has done with the gardens. With a smile, she then told me, “Do you know I am turning 100 years old next month?” I asked her when. “29th July,” she replied. So, Faye and I have a date next month on her 100th birthday!

Working in aged care teaches us many lessons. Our ageing population still have a purpose and they still teach us every day.

Faye taught me on that day to:

  • Slow down. Don’t be in a rush all the time, remember to “smell the roses”
  • That everyone has to have purpose … without purpose, we stop living and just exist
  • That even at the age of almost 100 years old, the human race gets much pleasure out of giving
  • Enjoy the little things in life … like creating a garden for everyone to enjoy


I feel such a privilege to meet this amazing and beautiful lady – one of many across our Seasons communities.

Rebecca Bingham
Commencing her career as a Registered Nurse in 1996 and working across acute and general medical in country hospitals before specialising in oncology, haematology, pain management and palliative care in Brisbane, Rebecca soon moved into working in aged care. From working in community care and Residential Aged Care, Rebecca then moved into a home care community model of care as an Industry Liaison clinician allowing her to educate and collaborate with industry partners in the aged care space as well as provide solutions to individuals and families looking for aged care. Rebecca brings an education and solutions focus and a passion to make a difference to her role as Seasons’ Industry Liaison Officer.