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If you’ve happily lived your whole life together, the last thing you want is to be separated in aged care. Sadly, couples staying together in aged care isn’t always a given, especially if their care needs are different in their later years.

Seasons Aged Care communities understand the benefits of couples staying together when moving into aged care and specialise in catering for couples. The couples who come and make their new home at Seasons all have unique stories and lives, but what they do have in common is their wish not to be separated when they had to move into aged care.

Meet a few of our many couples from Seasons Aged Care communities across South-East Queensland:


Colin and Daphne

Colin and Daphne from Seasons Redbank Plains are soon to be married for 73 years and are particularly proud of their large ever-expanding family spread across Australia and overseas.



Sue and Ken  

Staying together in their local area was Ken and Sue’s main priority when looking for aged care. When they found Seasons Sinnamon Park they knew their search was over.

When Sue’s early onset dementia started to make it harder for the couple to remain in their own home, they both started to look for somewhere that would support them to stay living together.

“I couldn’t find an appropriate place for us to be together, and this was a godsend for us to move in here together. So, I can be with her and she can be with me,” says Ken.


Bert & Gloria

 Bert & Gloria were in their mid-80s, fit and healthy and still ballroom dancing when they decided to think ahead to avoid the risk of being separated if their care needs changed.

“If anything happens to either one of us, even though we’re fit and well now, it would be much easier and better for us to be settled somewhere together knowing that if we got really ill we wouldn’t have to be separated,” says Bert.

“We don’t have to go to a nursing home if one of us gets to that particular stage. We know we can get care up to palliative care here if we need it.”


Keith & Pauline 

Keith and Pauline looked extensively around South-East Queensland before deciding on making Seasons Waterford West their new home four years ago. They love having their own apartment, cooking their own meals and joining in the wide range of lifestyle activities.


Joy and Ken

When Ken started to slow down his family suggested that they should look around at aged care options.

“We had in mind that this place (Seasons Waterford West) could let us stay here to look after each other until we could no longer do it. That was a big plus for us.” says Ken.


Wally & Margaret

Married for 65 years, Wally and Margaret from Seasons Bribie Island were keen caravanners when life took a sudden turn after Wally suffered a stroke.

When this put an end to their nomadic adventures, they embraced their new life by making Seasons Bribie Island their new home three years ago.


Wendy & Bob

Married 67 years, Wendy and Bob’s main criteria for moving to aged care was that they could stay together.

“We liked the lifestyle and the unit was nice. Staying together was a big thing for us,” says Bob.

“We can do everything together!” says Wendy.


Lyle and Edna

Lyle and Edna were living on a farm and as they got older they were becoming increasingly isolated. Not only could they stay together at Seasons Waterford West, but they could also bring their dog.

“We were very surprised when we were told we could bring the dog. They even put a gate in for us.  Lyle takes her for a walk every morning around the lake,” says Edna.


Leonard and Margaret

Margaret and Leonard moved into Seasons Waterford West from an over 50s village when they realised the time had come that they needed 24-hour care.

“I just love everything about it. The nurses are great, the people are friendly – we’re quite happy here. It’s ideal for us,” says Margaret.


Belinda Peters
Belinda brings more than 17 years experience in journalism to her role as Seasons Digital Content Writer. As our blog editor, Belinda will take the confusion out of aged care with entertaining and informative stories from across the aged care industry and our Seasons communities.
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