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More than 30 Seasons Caloundra residents received a home security update from Budget Direct that has seen them become more security savvy, both within their own home and around the community.

The presentation, delivered by Budget Direct’s Home Building and Quality Performance Manager Michael Jeynes and Auto & General’s Community Manager Gerry O’Shaughnessy, provided residents with practical strategies to improve their safety and security.

Seasons Caloundra’s community manager Tammy said that the home security morning prompted many residents to think about the home security precautions they should be taking to keep them safe and protected.

“The general feedback from our seniors was that it was an interesting reminder about security requirements in this ‘day and age’. It even made some of our residents aware that they don’t have contents insurance and reminded those with scooters to ensure they have these listed and insured,” said Tammy.

While Seasons residents enjoy the security of living in a gated community with security cameras installed many residents found that they may have become too relaxed about their personal security habits.

seasons budget direct presentation

Lew and Denise Huth said that living in a community setting may have contributed to them becoming less vigilant about their home and personal safety.

“We learnt that our ‘it won’t happen to me’ line of thinking needed changing,” said Lew.

“Since the presentation, if for any reason I have to put down a key in a different place from usual, I make a conscious effort to remember where I put it.”

Another resident Peter Bray said he learnt to be more protective of his credit card and personal information.

“I learnt not to be so trusting with using my credit card for over the phone purchases,” said Peter.

Home security tips for seniors

Budget Direct offered Seasons residents the following tips to keep themselves safe in their home and around the community.

1. Car keys

  •  30% of home burglaries are committed to steal car keys
  • Put keys away in a safe spot, rather than obvious spots like kitchen bench or countertop

2. Keeping cash

  • Only keep the amount of cash you need
  • Consider a notebook in the same place to track spending
  • Don’t keep excessive cash hidden around the home

3. Get to know your neighbours

  • Staying connected can help you stay safe
  • Introduce yourself to new neighbours and make them feel welcome
  • Keep an eye out in case they leave a door open at night
  • Keep their number handy
  • Collect their mail if they are away

4. Home and community security

  • Ensure your doors are locked
  • Exercise caution when answering the doors to strangers or when speaking to people you don’t know on the phone
  • Only give after hours gate access code to trusted family and friends
  • Advise security of any unauthorised entries
  • Keep emergency pendants on in case of falls or other emergencies


For more tips to keep you safe, read expert tips on senior safety at home.

Belinda Peters
Belinda brings more than 17 years experience in journalism to her role as Seasons Digital Content Writer. As our blog editor, Belinda will take the confusion out of aged care with entertaining and informative stories from across the aged care industry and our Seasons communities.
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