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When we asked five of our Seasons Waterford West residents about their mums in the lead up to Mother’s Day it soon became apparent that you are never too old to miss your mum.

Residents John Higgins, Ken Gittins, Merle Gittins, Ann Law and June Folks all had special memories of their mothers, showing that the enduring influence of a mother’s love lives on long after they are gone.

Woven among the stories of the sacrifices their mothers made for their families, their hard work in the community and a lifetime of advice, the residents were able to remember themselves as sons and daughters and how their own mother’s life had shaped their own.

Growing older themselves has also given the residents an even greater insight into the lives of their mothers – ensuring that their stories and legacy lives on.

John remembers his mother Violet May Higgins as a fierce protector who up until she passed away at age 77 had a quiet unobtrusive way of imparting the best lessons he could learn in life.

“What I’ll never forget about her is how she put me on course for a successful and rewarding career, how she would forget herself for my sake, regardless of whether I appeared grateful or not, how she showed a strength and force in her character greater than I could muster. Lastly, I’ve never forgotten her crumbed veal cutlets and her famous fluffy sponge cakes,” says John

Ken remembers his mother Doreen Edith Gittins as a busy woman, who enjoyed being actively involved in the business world and the community and only slowed down just before she passed away at 92.

Ken Gittens

“Mother was an entertainer – she sang, told stories and raised funds for various organisations. She was loving to her family but not ‘mushy’ – she shook hands with her three boys, no kissing or such, but did always stick up for her kids,” says Ken.

Ken’s wife Merle says that both her and Ken were lucky to have both their mothers present at their 50th wedding anniversary. Merle says she remembers her mum Laura Sophia Holland’s sense of humour that carried on right up to her death at 91.

Merle Gittens

“Mum had a sense of humour, loved helping her family and caring for children of sisters and friends in times of illness. At her funeral, she had arranged for us all to add stickers on her coffin, a lovely reminder of her creative ways,” says Merle.

June Folks remembers her mum Helen McLeod Wallace who lived until 93 as a ‘Scottish Lady’ who was strict but fair.

June Folks

“You don’t really realise what it means until you grow up. When you grow up you realise what sacrifices they made for you. She was a lady in the best sense of the word,” says June.

Ann Law sums up the video’s message best when she sends a simple message to her mother Lena Frankel who passed away at age 88:

“Love ya, Mum!”

Ann Law

No matter our age, we are all sons and daughters with a special place in our hearts for our mums. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums in our Seasons communities and beyond!

Watch the video here:

Belinda Peters
Belinda brings more than 17 years experience in journalism to her role as Seasons Digital Content Writer. As our blog editor, Belinda will take the confusion out of aged care with entertaining and informative stories from across the aged care industry and our Seasons communities.