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At Seasons Aged Care we offer all types of aged care services including short-term care and accommodation.

Short-term care may be required for a variety of reasons so we provide several types of care options. These include respite care, private transition care and private short-term palliative care.

Respite care

For various reasons, a carer may require temporary relief from their carer’s role.  This may be to perform activities, to go on holidays or even to provide a short break for personal wellbeing.  It is a great opportunity too for the individual receiving the care to have a short holiday. Seasons offer beautiful accommodation and a wide range of recreational activities that can be enjoyed.

Private transition care

Private transition care is for individuals that have had a change in circumstance. They may have suffered a fall or require help following a stay in hospital. Care is provided to people that have had a change in their circumstances like a fall or hospital stay. It is an opportunity to receive care, support and therapies to help improve independence and confidence prior to returning home.

Private short-term palliative care

The provision of short-term palliative care may be required in the final stages of life.  It involves holistic care to ensure that the individual is comfortable and supported in their palliative care needs. The individual is provided with various care options such as nursing support, pain management, emotional and spiritual support.  The focus is on ensuring all needs are met and they remain as comfortable as possible.  Support is also provided to families and carers through the bereavement process.

The private short-term care programs include comprehensive care assessment and planning, medication management and personalised care services. Residents are cared for by skilled nursing staff and are provided with home-style cooked meals and comfortable accommodation. They also have access to activities, services and the provision of 24-hour onsite emergency response and care services.

Seasons provide the ultimate peace of mind in the provision of care and support for individuals and their carer’s.  Contact Seasons Aged Care to learn more about their short-term care programs.

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