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Shared memories. Familiarity. Being known and understood.

At Seasons, we recognise the power of “togetherness” and cherish Family as one of our core values.

That’s why we support couples to stay together in aged care, regardless of the potential for different care needs.

After navigating life together for years, creating and maintaining a home, perhaps raising children, travelling, forging careers – why shouldn’t couples be able to age together in their own apartment?

Some Seasons communities even offer two and three bedroom apartments.

Couples can live independently and, if care is required – even dementia care and palliative care – care services are discreet and respectful of the way that the couple wants to live. Team members work with the couple to make sure they both receive the support they need.

Many Seasons communities offer Day Respite Centres, providing a “me time” opportunity for partners to engage with other areas of their lives. And giving those being cared for – perhaps a higher care needs spouse – access to quality care, meaningful social interaction and therapeutic activities.

Supporting senior couples to live together can mean many other benefits:

  • The Australian Government’s Head to Health resources explain how connectedness contributes to a meaningful life. Long-term intimate partnerships provide support and satisfaction – and can result in lower blood pressure, stress and depression. Being in a caring relationship leads to resilience against life’s difficulties.
  • The Family Institute in America outlines how people in good relationships have better responses to medical interventions such as surgeries and live longer than people not in good relationships.
  • According to reports, social gerontologist Dr Alison Rahn has said research shows for most people, sleeping with a partner is a social activity and when their partner is not there they can’t sleep properly. People can become withdrawn or display challenging behaviours if they are deprived of loving touch.


Research released in late 2019 around couples where one spouse has dementia found that when spouses were able to live together, their relationship was enriched at many levels. Their love for each other strengthened them as a unit – as an “us” – where togetherness seemed to be strong.

This Valentines Day, we celebrate so many beautiful stories of Seasons couples today and from over the years.

Like Ken with his wife Sue: “I couldn’t find an appropriate place for us to be together, and this was a godsend for us to move in here together. So, I can be with her and she can be with me.”

And Joe who moved into Seasons with his wife Margaret: “I was still able to be with her right up to the end. Which is what you want.”

Amanda Silins
Amanda is Marketing and Communications Manager at Seasons.