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Retirement anxiety

While retirement might sound like absolute bliss for some, in ....

AUTHOR: britt
September 21, 2020
Indoor Exercises for Seniors

Finding creative ways to exercise at home has become more ....

AUTHOR: britt
August 31, 2020
Healthy thinking

You’ve heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’ ....

May 12, 2020
7 exciting activities you can do right
now, without leaving your house

2020 has seen many events being postponed or cancelled, shops ....

AUTHOR: britt
April 27, 2020
The importance of maintaining good dental hygiene habits as we age

Good oral hygiene is so important throughout our life and ....

AUTHOR: britt
February 12, 2020
Downsizing tips for seniors

When you’ve lived in the one home for decades, it ....

December 23, 2019
Benefits of intergenerational partnerships

Intergenerational partnerships are a hot topic in the wake of ....

October 25, 2019
Dementia app facilitates positive family visits

An iPad interactive game app released by Dementia Australia aims ....

September 11, 2019
R U OK Day and community living

With suicides among senior males on the increase, this R ....

September 10, 2019
Importance of friendship for seniors

While we often talk about the importance of friendship for ....

July 29, 2019
7 habits of healthy seniors

Successful ageing has a lot to do with our habits. ....

July 22, 2019
10 eye facts for JulEYE

JulEYE aims to educate Australians about the importance of eye ....

July 2, 2019
Health checks all seniors should be having

As we get older, preventative health measures become increasingly important. ....

May 1, 2019
What is it like living with Parkinson’s?

April 11 is World Parkinson’s Day – a day to ....

April 11, 2019
Community living: creating meaningful connections

Community living can be a good option for seniors who ....

March 25, 2019
Are you at risk of glaucoma?

Approximately one in eight Australians over the age of 80 ....

March 11, 2019
How to live a heart healthy lifestyle

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of Australia’s largest health problems ....

February 15, 2019
Why you should think about your social media legacy

It’s probably not something we want to think about – ....

February 1, 2019
New Life Check website encourages future planning

A new government website is encouraging senior Australians to take ....

January 23, 2019
Five hearing tips for the holidays

It is often during the holiday periods that we become ....

December 21, 2018
Creating Christmas memories for someone with memory loss

Christmas is a time of year that people associate with ....

December 16, 2018
What should you eat for healthy eyes?

As you get older, it’s inevitable that there will be ....

December 3, 2018
Older people and depression – how to help

The older generation grew up in a time when talking ....

November 30, 2018
The life and death talk we need to have

For those with ageing parents, the holiday period can be ....

November 21, 2018
How families can support those living with diabetes

World Diabetes Day (November 14) gives voice to people living ....

November 12, 2018
6 ways to improve your brain health

While many of us know the ways we can improve ....

November 8, 2018
Which glasses are right for you?

Ever wondered about the different lens options offered by your ....

November 2, 2018
Putting a stop to ageism

Have you ever heard or uttered any of the following: ....

October 19, 2018
Mental health tips for seniors

It's important that as we age we not only take ....

October 4, 2018
When should older drivers give up their licence?

For older drivers, driving is not just a mode of ....

September 28, 2018
Caring for a loved one with dementia

Caring for a loved one who has dementia, although extremely ....

September 23, 2018
Coping with dry eye

Have your eyes ever felt dry? Maybe stinging, scratchy, or ....

September 19, 2018
What seniors need to know about asthma

While many believe asthma is something you are born with, ....

September 6, 2018
The key to success with hearing aids

Most people who are properly fitted with hearing aids by ....

September 5, 2018
How to become a dementia friend

An estimated 425,000 Australians are living with dementia. You can ....

August 30, 2018
Daffodil Day a reminder to be cancer aware

Daffodil Day is an important date in the Cancer Council’s ....

August 19, 2018
Wellbeing for carers and their loved ones

When it comes to aged care, nurturing should be a ....

AUTHOR: digimediaworx
August 14, 2018
How laughter improves wellbeing for seniors

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘laughter is the best ....

AUTHOR: digimediaworx
August 7, 2018
How we express grief and why it matters

When it comes to human emotions, grief is probably one ....

July 18, 2018
‘About Time’ for early diabetes detection

National Diabetes Week runs from 8 - 14 July each ....

July 9, 2018
Five habits for bladder and bowel health

While we've grown accustomed to talking about most aspects of ....

June 18, 2018
6 apps to assist your physical and mental health

After retirement, technology can help you stay active, healthy and ....

June 11, 2018
Fighting the flu each season

As the weather starts to cool down each year, thoughts ....

June 5, 2018
Overcoming loneliness after the loss of a spouse

Your spouse is your best friend, the person who you ....

May 29, 2018
Blocking scam and spam calls

When you’re settling down for dinner or watching your favourite ....

May 22, 2018
Tips to reduce falls

With more and more older Australians opting to age in ....

May 14, 2018
How to cope with grief on Mother’s Day

While for some Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate ....

May 8, 2018
A look at macular degeneration

Macula Month is an initiative of Macular Disease Foundation Australia ....

May 3, 2018
Importance of exercise as we age

It’s a fact of life that we slow down and ....

April 30, 2018
Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is the name given to the complications that ....

April 12, 2018
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