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Self-funded retirees and means tested care fees

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May 30, 2019
What are the different senior living options?

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Age pension threshold increase

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Choosing an enduring power of attorney

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Recognising Centrelink scams

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How much does aged care cost in Queensland?

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What you need to know about elder abuse

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Responsibilities of an enduring power of attorney

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Monetary considerations when downsizing

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Queensland Government rebates and concessions for seniors

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What do home care packages cost?

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Can I get rent assistance living in a retirement village?

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July 24, 2018
Val, Sinnamon Park
"I could bring my puppy dog with me."
Julie, Caloundra
“I like the feeling that I’m very safe. There are people around all the time and at night they’ve got security cameras. It’s a good feeling. I’ve made good friends here and we all meet for happy hour. I’d been very sick and the doctor didn’t want me to live on my own anymore. My son lives here at Mooloolaba, so he thought it would be good if I could come up here to the Sunshine Coast. He looked around at quite a lot of places and he found that this was the best one. Everything is looked after and the carers are very, very kind.”