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Sinnamon Park Open House – Saturday 1st February 12pm

Seasons Sinnamon Park
147 Oldfield Road, Sinnamon Park QLD 4073
Date 01/02/2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Seasons Aged Care Caloundra Christmas Carols

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Joan, Waterford West
“I only need to push a button, and I can get help.”
Jo, Caloundra
“It’s an easy-going place to live in. It’s better than living with relatives as you can do as you like. There’s a theatre here and libraries. There’s a lounge room you can go and sit in. We’ve got a nice barbecue area. I was living on my own in Melbourne and it wasn’t a very good idea. Here, I’m on a care package and I don’t do anything! They do my dishes, make my bed and put the washing on. Meals are provided too.”