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At Seasons, we don't take care of you, we provide services and support so you can take care of yourself for as long as you can.

Aged care services delivered by Envigor Home Care

Envigor Home Care is part of the Seasons Group. They provide aged care services to Seasons Residents.

The Envigor team deliver on one primary objective within Seasons communities. To provide our residents with access to a comprehensive suite of aged care services from the day they arrive to the day they leave.

This means that once you buy a home at Seasons, you won’t need to move if your care needs change.  You can progress from low care, to high care, to end of life care, without moving out of your own private residence.

Envigor is a “Department of Health and Ageing” approved provider and “Department of Veterans Affairs” (DVA) approved provider. Find out how you can acquire a care package with Envigor.

Or contact the Seasons team to find out how you can fix your care costs when you choose to buy and live at a Seasons Community.

The Seasons philosophy explained

We believe in high quality customer service. More than that, we believe in equality of life.

We refer to our residents as ‘elders’ as a sign of deep respect. We value them and their varied journeys through life. Every one of our resident elders has the right to the best possible care and lifestyle, and has the right to choose how they live their elder years.

At Seasons, no-one is pigeonholed, ever. Labels belong to pantry containers and children’s school supplies, not people.

No two elders will be the same, so why should the services and care offered to them be one size fits all? We tailor individualised lifestyle and care packages to suit an elder’s needs, wants and budget.

Lifestyle and care packages are flexible because, let’s face it, life changes. What wasn’t needed today may be tomorrow. Seasons Communities are not residential nursing homes. Our elders live in their own home within our gated communities.

For the most part, our elders are independent and our services support their independent living – whether personal care assistance, home help or nursing (including dementia care and palliative care) – all services are provided in the privacy of their own homes.

How is Seasons so affordable, yet provide personalised care?

To us, ‘private’ does not mean ‘expensive’. It means you receive the care services you require, with dignity and respect, in the privacy of your home. Residents of Seasons Communities only pay for the care services they require, when needed.

Care can sometime appear complicated – to us, it’s common sense.

How does the Seasons service model work?

When you choose to live at Seasons, you retain the right to choose who you want to provide your care.

Every resident pays a weekly amount (charged fortnightly) to Seasons.  This amount includes a general services charge which covers the cost of managing the community and the provision of communal services (power, rates, maintenance etc.). The weekly amount also includes a contribution towards meals (three meals a day, seven days a week, plus communal morning tea).

Any excess funds from the weekly payment amount, accrue toward the funding of current or future care needs, exclusively for the individual or couple.  If you never end up using these funds for care they are refunded to you (or your Estate).

In addition to the weekly contribution accrual, if you purchase a home at Seasons AND choose Envigor to provide your care services, you can also access the revolutionary Seasons Equity Security Program, ensuring that almost all of your non-government subsidised care costs are deferred for the duration of your stay at Seasons.

You never have to worry about finding the money for care, and you will only ever pay for the personal care, domestic assistance or nursing services you use.

No one subsidises anybody else’s care costs.

If for any reason you reach the limit of your equity, there is no more to pay. Seasons will cover any additional care costs. This makes Seasons (in partnership with Envigor) one of the only Aged Care providers in the country that can give you certainty when it comes to care costs. Ask us more about this option when you book an inspection.

A word about Seasons dementia care

Seasons takes a revolutionary approach to dementia care. There are no ‘locked wards’. Residents living with dementia are encouraged and supported to participate in community life including meals, recreational activities and social interactions, to the best of their abilities.

Our residents living with dementia access all the same types of services that other residents do including personal grooming, daily domestic help, medication management, nursing services and counselling all in the privacy of their own home.

We combine this individualised, humane, dignified approach with the use of non-intrusive wearable technologies to monitor and ensure the safety of our residents living with dementia.

Contact our team at Envigor or phone 1300 368 446 to find out how you can access this service at a Seasons location today.

Private short-term care and accommodation

Private short-term care programs are offered at selected Seasons community locations all in beautifully presented accommodation, with comfortable lounge and dining room facilities.

Our short-term care and accommodation service includes 24-hour onsite emergency response and care services as required. In addition, we also offer coordination of hairdressing, doctor and allied health care consultation (either on or off site).

All short-term care is individually tailored, based on a comprehensive care assessment and development of a care plan by the Envigor Home Care team located onsite. We pride ourselves on being able to develop a care plan specific to each person’s needs, however simple or complex that may be. Included in every short-term care package are dining options, lifestyle activities (as appropriate) and laundry services.

24 Hour Care

Every Seasons community operates a 24 hour Emergency Response System, which includes rapid response emergency buttons in all bedrooms and bathrooms, linked directly to onsite care staff 24 hours a day.


Morning tea and lunch meals are served in the Seasons dining room as per weekly menu choices. The evening meal is always served in your apartment. Special health dietary requirements can be catered for.


Activities available at Seasons communities may include (but are not limited to) concerts, day trips, BBQs, craft and knitting, fishing, bingo, cards, gardening, exercise, educational discussion, sing-a-longs, movies in the onsite theatre (location dependent).

Post Hospital Care

We have designed a Post Hospital Care Program to help improve independence and confidence after a stay in hospital, a fall or illness. The Post Hospital Care Program provides a suite of personalised care services which may include (but are not limited to):

  • Showering and dressing
  • Managing incontinence
  • Transport to appointments
  • Exercise
  • Meal Preparation

All of these services are provided in conjunction with the Seasons and Envigor Short Term Care program and are designed with improving a person’s health and wellbeing without the need to be in hospital.

Contact our team at Envigor or phone 1300 368 446 to find out how you can access this service at a Seasons location today.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care program is well supported by local hospitals and is available to all Seasons residents as well as those that wish to access our services under a short-term care package.

Through seamless collaboration with GPs, palliative care specialists, allied health professionals and our onsite Envigor team, the care needs of a person with a life limiting health issue are met with a focus on improving quality of life for the individual and their family.

The Envigor team including our dedicated team of qualified registered nurses will, together with loved ones, assess care needs and create a care plan that provides a homely, private, dignified and skillful alternative to the acute hospital environment.

Contact our team at Envigor on 1300 368 446 to find out how you can access this service at a Seasons location today.

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Seasons helps people to maintain their personal independence in modern self contained retirement apartments while enjoying a great retirement facility and having the convenience of Aged Care if and when required. Our retirement villages offer everything you could possibly need.


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