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Mrs Thomas

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Mrs Thomas

Posted on December 13th, 2016

Regarding my father, Jack Machin.

I wanted to write Seasons to let you know just how thankful we are to all of you for looking after my father, Jack, so well for over the last 8 months. While Dad would certainly not have wished his condition upon himself, he was pragmatic enough to realise (before his Dementia really took hold) that he required more care than was able to be provided to him at his previous home in Tallai. You have all become such a big part of my life that I am finding it difficult to realise I will not be popping into Seasons every day or so.

I have to say the Seasons brand of caring commenced from the moment Ivan and I first saw Coleen, who gave us all the time we needed, very patiently answered all our questions and very proudly showed us around Seasons Kallangur, including the display unit and what would become Dad’s unit. We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to believe all we were being told but were so impressed and hopeful for Dad that I signed on the dotted line there and then so he wouldn’t miss out! I was so keen for Dad’s sake, that a return visit was quickly arranged for Dad, myself and those members of my family who could make it. Dad loved what he saw, particularly the ‘Club House’ (Community Centre), and the rest is history.

As you would know, Dad was a very sociable and tactile man and very much enjoyed the human contact he received from all at Seasons, particularly his ‘lovely ladies’ and those male members of staff who were his ‘honorary lovely ladies’. I have heard stories of staff (no names being mentioned here) spending their breaks with Dad just speaking with him to stave off his loneliness and staff taking that little bit of extra time to stay with him until he went to sleep on some of those nights where he was anxious and just needed someone to be with him and comfort him. I have no doubt these stories are true. I also have no doubt that there are many other instances of staff compassion to Dad that I am not privy to.

Would you please pass my heartfelt thank you to all Seasons staff for the many kindnesses they showed to Dad, and also to myself and Ivan. I would like to mention names at this time and apologise if I have missed anyone – in no particular order: Sarla, Pat, Graham, Lynn, Dee, Sam, Belinda (Dad’s Lotto Lady – now at Mango Hill), Savanna, Nicole, Danielle, Ralda, Vicki, Ashley, Colin and kitchen staff – apologies, I cannot remember their names.

I have witnessed many instances where the above mentioned staff made Dad’s day in one way or another, just by taking that little bit of extra time to ensure that Dad knew they saw him as a person, a valued, experienced member of the community. Even though Dad couldn’t remember the names of staff, he could describe them sufficiently for us to know who was involved in a moment or two that made his day – something I loved hearing from him.

Dad’s last months were so caring and peaceful for him, he didn’t have a care in the world during his lucid moments. This was, in no small part, down to the care, security, attention and affection provided to him from Seasons staff. As you would no doubt be aware, Dad was very precious to me. I am sincerely grateful I was able to help him in the final stage of his life by finding Seasons for him. The peace of mind I received from Dad being in your care was immeasurable. Seasons will always be very close to my heart. Thank you.

I only hope Seasons is still here when our time comes.

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  • Regarding my father, Jack Machin. I wanted to write Seasons to let you know just how thankful we are to all of you for looking after my father, Jack, so well for over the last 8 months. While Dad would certainly not have wished his condition upon himself, he was…

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